27 agosto 2008

Jazz - An Experience of Seduction

In the last Sunday I had Sunday I had a clear experience how much music. In the lesson of the instrument in the conservatory of the church, it are a professional musician to give a lesson for us; e one of the used methods to work with the scales is working with a little of Jazz.

It are placed a music in the sound at the same time where it went in the piano. The, we brass (in occasion 3 trumpets) spoke and later wood (ones 5 sax I thing) we answered. But making: of, reverse speed, dó, ré, mi b, fá, mi b, ré, dó. Varying the times and the dynamics of such, and last of however the value the 2 however 4 times.

It are my first experience touching jazz. E jazz taste, sincerely very not taking off some cases, therefore is that thing more “malandro”, as a cat walking for the streets and enters the building of New York tonight (always it comes me this scene in mind), giving to that idea a little “malandra” of the thing. But there, to the living creature, and touching, history is another one. To touch lies is very wild! “Empolga”, you quickly is captivated by music, is a music that it seduces excessively. Certainly, not in the direction of a vulgar magazine, but it seduces how much it stops with proper music, acting in it I summon of our emotions and passions and certain way “despertando” it.

I am each impressed time more as more I learn and I go deep myself the musical knowledge and the experiences of such. A comparison is as if it had eaten a great bonbon of stuffed chocolate. That that is not healthful, but very pleases the palete and, little to see themselves, but very to eat themselves. Also I understood better as that as many people are dragged by this style. Perhaps if somebody does not like jazz, I would say: “If it does not like, then it tries to touch one.”

In the deep one, I perceive the deep “quão” are musics, and the form as it in influences them goes very beyond what we know. It is ot frighten when we reason how much to the perceivable one, one will be to see how much to the dark substance then… As it is easy to be seduced by music! E this implies that we must possess a highest text of discernment, to choose something that works with our good feelings through the reason and not with our emotions by means of the passion.

However, as ragged excuse, I allege that ir are mere in free-action of the study. If it is that this says something.

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